Synergistic Pharmacological Effect of Leaf Extracts of Ficus exasperata and Telfeira occidentalis on Chloramphenicol - Induced Anaemia in Wistar Rats

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Nweje- Anyalowu Paul Chukwuemeka
Anyalogbu Ernest Anayochukwu Aniemeka
Idakwoji Precious Adejoh
Agatemor Uzuazokaro Mark-Maria
Uroko Robert Ikechukwu


Objective: This study was undertaken to validate the haematinic potentials of the aqueous leaf extracts of Ficus exasperata (FEAE) and Telfeira occidentalis (TOAE) administered separately and to establish a possible synergistic interaction when administered concurrently to chloramphenicol- induced anaemic rats.

Materials and Methods: Anaemia was induced by oral administration of chloramphenicol (50 mg/kg) for 2 weeks.  Five (5) non- anaemic rats and Twenty (20) anaemic rats were used in this study. The non – anaemic rats served as non- anaemic control and received 1ml dist. H2O. The 25 anaemic rats were divided into 5 groups of 5 rats each (groups 2- 6). Group 2 served as anaemic control and received 1 ml dist. H2O, group 3 served as positive control (reference drug) and received ferrous gluconate (900 mg/kg) while groups 4- 6 received  FEAE (200 mg/kg), TOAE (200 mg/kg) and FEAE (100 mg/kg) + TOAE (100 mg/kg) respectively. Treatment was carried out once daily for 7 days after which the rats were bled for determination of PCV, Hb and WBC count.

Results: Chloramphenicol induced a significant decrease PVC and Hb indicating anaemia and also resulted to a significant increase in WBC count. Aqueous leaves extracts of Ficus exasperata and Telfeira occidentalis produced significant increase in PCV and Hb with a corresponding decrease in WBC after 7 days of oral administration to anaemic rats. The anti- anaemic effect observed with co-administration of the extracts was however, significantly more than either of the extract administered alone.

Conclusion: It can be concluded that the extracts of Ficus exasperata and Telfeira occidentalis show synergistic effect when co-administered. This could be useful in the management of   anaemia.

Synergistic, pharmacological, Telfeira occidentalis, chloramphenicol, anaemia

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Chukwuemeka, N.- A. P., Aniemeka, A. E. A., Adejoh, I. P., Mark-Maria, A. U., & Ikechukwu, U. R. (2019). Synergistic Pharmacological Effect of Leaf Extracts of Ficus exasperata and Telfeira occidentalis on Chloramphenicol - Induced Anaemia in Wistar Rats. International Blood Research & Reviews, 9(3), 1-7.
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