Nocardiosis Associated with Novel Agents at Relapsed Multiple Myeloma: Case Series

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Atakan Turgutkaya
Zahit Bolaman
Emel Ceylan
Murat Telli
Berna Gültekin Korkmazgil
Can Karaman
İrfan Yavaşoğlu


Nocardiosis is a gram positive bacterial infection caused by aerobicactinomycetes. It’s nonspesific presentation and radiographic findings usually make it undiagnosed with highly fatal outcomes. The patients with intracelluler defects are prone to nocardiosis. Multiplemyelom(MM) itself is a mainly humoral deficiency disorder because of defective antibodies but recent drugs such as proteasome inhibitors and immuno modulatory drugs also cause cellular deficiency. Here we presented two definite and oneprobable pulmonary nocardiosis patients who have a diagnosis of MM, autologou shematopoetic stem cell transplant history in their past and anti myeloma therapy presently.

Nocardiosis, multiple myeloma, gram-positive bacterial infection, actinomycetes.

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Turgutkaya, A., Bolaman, Z., Ceylan, E., Telli, M., Korkmazgil, B. G., Karaman, C., & Yavaşoğlu, İrfan. (2019). Nocardiosis Associated with Novel Agents at Relapsed Multiple Myeloma: Case Series. International Blood Research & Reviews, 10(1), 1-7.
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