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Current Issue

2023 - Volume 14 [Issue 4]

Original Research Article

Risk Factors of avascular Osteonecrosis of the Femoral Head in Children at the National Reference Center for Sickle Cell Disease in Brazzaville, Congo

F. O. Galiba Atipo-Tsiba , A. Bilongo-Bouyou , J. C. Bango , J. A. Elira Samba , B. M. Gatsongui , F. Malanda , L. O. Ngolet , A. Elira Dokekias

Evaluation of Some Haematological Metrics among Smokers in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

W. Moore-Igwe, Beatrice , N. Nwika Goodnews , Chukwu, Priya , Lenox-Prince, Tamunonengiye-Ofori

Statistical Analysis of Monocyte Monolayer Assay Validation in Brazilian Blood Donors

Jéssica Hanser Nunes Kahl , Everaldo José Schorner , Emil Kupek

Prevalence of Hepatitis D Virus among Hepatitis B Positive Blood Donors in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Goodnews Nkabari Nwika, Jeremiah Zaccheus Awortu, Eze Evelyn Mgbeoma

Hematological Profile of Adult Haemoglobin SS and SC Sickle Cell Patients in Stationary Phase: Evidences from National Teaching Hospital of Cotonou in Benin

A. Zohoun , T. Baglo-Agbodande , B. Houssou , R. Massi , E. Kassehin , G. G. Orou Guiwa , J. Dèhoumon , J. Mehou , L. Anani , A. Vovor , D. Kinde-Gazard

Interaction of Red Cell Indices and Blood Group in Diabetic Patients above 50 Years of Age

Moore-Igwe Beatrice W., Ken-Ezihuo Stella U., Baribefe Banavule Daniel Koate

Blood Transfusion Request and Utilization: The Trend in a Tertiary Health Care Centre in North Central Nigeria

Jatau E. D., Ma’an V. T., Ofakunrin A. O. D., Ntuhun B. D., Damulak O. D.

Determining the Genotype of the RH Blood Group System in Maltese Blood Donors

Antonella Giordmaina Powney , Joseph Borg, Jesmond Debono

Systematic Review Article

Platelet Storage: Time to Rethink the Cold

Cherise Farrugia , Byron Baron , Vanessa Zammit

Systematic Review of Genetic-Related Risk Factor and Inhibitor Epidemiology in People with Severe Hemophilia a from Africa: A 2023 Update

Tatiana Baglo, Alban Zohoun, Simon Azonbakin, Bienvenu Houssou, Romaric Massi, Charlotte Orou Guiwa, Ludovic Anani , Dorothée Kindé Gazard, Awa Omar Touré Fall

Case Study

Penetrating Stab Wounds of the Spine: Two Cases and Review of the Literature

Fondop Joseph , Atemkem Tsatedem Faustin , Banga Nkono Douglas , F. Dikongue Dikongue , Amougou Boris , A. C. Djam , Dogmo Arlette , Djientcheu Vincent de Paul , Fuentes Stéphane