Immunological and Hematological Profile of HIV Patients on Anti-retroviral Therapy in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

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Ohanador Robinson
A. W. Obianime
J. Aprioku
Igbiks Tamuno


Aims: To profile CD4 count, TNFα levels and cytopenia in HIV seropositive patients on ART and also evaluate the prevalence of hematological cytopenia.

Study Design: The present study is a cross sectional study and was carried out in the department of immunology, hematology and blood transfusion, department of pharmacology university of Port Harcourt and university of port-Harcourt teaching hospital, between May 2016 and July 2016.

One hundred patients (45 males and 55 females) were recruited for this study, patients included in this study were HIV positive and on anti-retroviral treatment for at least three months, they were not on any mind altering medications and were mentally sound and above 18 years 4 patients dropped out of the study.

The Results: Hematological examination, CD4 count and serum TNF α levels were done. The prevalence of anemia was high (43.7%), neutropenia and leucopenia showed prevalence of 26.00% and 21.9% respectively. Prevalence of lymphopenia was 2.1%, whereas thrombocytopenia was 11.5%. A profile of immunological markers showed that mean CD4 was 395.81±273.046, high serum TNF α 65.33.20±58.52 pg/ml was observed. WBC, lymphocyte and neutrophil were 4.82±1.38, 45.09±10.17 and 42.83±11.05 respectively, serum TNF α was increased while relative lymphocyte and neutrophil counts were decreased in patients with CD4 less than 200. Platelet count of participants in this study was 243.62±66.13 while RBC, PCV and hemoglobin was 3.82±0.75, 36.39± 4.10 and 12.00±1.806g/l respectively. 

Conclusion: Patients with CD4 less than 200 showed increased TNF-α, reduced CD4, total lymphocyte and neutrophil counts. Finding from this study has led to the recommendation that these parameters be used as biomarkers in monitoring patients and disease control in Nigeria.


ART (Anti-retroviral therapy), TNF-α (Tumor necrosis factor alpha), CD4 (Cluster of differentiation 4, T-Helper cells), WBC (White blood cell count), HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus)

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Robinson, O., W. Obianime, A., Aprioku, J., & Tamuno, I. (2017). Immunological and Hematological Profile of HIV Patients on Anti-retroviral Therapy in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. International Blood Research & Reviews, 7(4), 1-12.
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