Multiple Myeloma Relapse Presenting as Unilateral Blindness

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Amit Badola
Tanvi Khanna
Kunal .
Sanjiv Kumar Verma


Multiple Myeloma is a chronic disease. While therapy is largely focused for control, relapse is inevitable. Central nervous system relapse of myeloma is less common. Unilateral painless blindness is a rare entity and its occurrence in the setting of multiple myeloma has not been commonly reported. We encountered a case of multiple myeloma on treatment, who developed unilateral blindness and later on confirmed to have relapse of disease.


Multiple myeloma, unilateral blindness, central nervous system, extra-medullary relapse

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Badola, A., Khanna, T., ., K., & Kumar Verma, S. (2018). Multiple Myeloma Relapse Presenting as Unilateral Blindness. International Blood Research & Reviews, 8(4), 1-3.
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