Study the Impact of Cramming in Medical Students

Forman Erwin Siagian *

Department of Parasitology, Center of Biomedic Research, Faculty of Medicine, Universities Kristen Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Aim: To reveal pre- exam cramming among pre-clinical medical students, what drives this practice, failure due to cramming and the problems and difficulties related to the act of cramming.

Discussion: Cramming is common practice among struggling medical students. The prevalence of cramming is like an iceberg phenomenon. The act of stacking too many information just the night before an exam probably authorize the perpetrator to remember some information in the short term period and enable them to take in enough information for the exam. Along with this practice also comes sleep deprivation, mental and emotional disturbances and even substance abuse in order to achieve good marks and passing the exam. Unfortunately for some experts, cramming is not considered as learning.  Procrastination and some other reason are believed to be the reason the culprit commits cramming.

Conclusion: Cramming not only changes the behavior of the perpetrator, but also has an impact on his family, classmates, environment and future.

Keywords: Procrastination, medical students, attitude, memory, learning styles, dopamine loop, exam

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Siagian, F. E. (2022). Study the Impact of Cramming in Medical Students. International Blood Research & Reviews, 13(4), 53–64.


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