Platelet Volume Indices in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome

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Ekta Paramjit
S. Sudhamani
Anita Sharan
Sonali Pitale
Prakash Roplekar


Background & Aims: Acute coronary syndrome is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in the world and platelet hyperactivity with local platelet activation plays a crucial role in its genesis. As there is discrepancy regarding the significance of deranged platelet parameters, we aimed to study the role of platelet volume indices in the spectrum of coronary artery syndrome and to correlate them clinically.

Study Design: The study was conducted by collecting the data of patients with Myocardial infarction from the Cardiac care unit registry along with their clinical history and investigations. Stable coronary artery cases were collected from the Catheterization Lab and compared with Age and Sex matched controls. All CBCs of the above groups were processed by a 5-part counter and the data generated was transferred to a master chart for statistical analysis.

Place and Duration of study: The study was conducted in the Central Laboratory & Department of Pathology at D.Y. Patil Hospital, Navi Mumbai, India in collaboration with the Cardiac Care Unit and Catheterisation Lab of the hospital for a period of two years.

Methods: A total of 122 cases were studied and grouped into 5 groups according to presentation and the platelet volume indices of these were compared with 38 matched controls and statistically analysed.

Results: Mean Platelet Volume and Platelet Distribution Width of patients with ST elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) and Non ST elevation Myocardial Infarction(NSTEMI) were increased marginally in number when compared to Stable Coronary Artery Disease(SCAD) and Control group, however this was not statistically significant. Platelet Large Cell Ratio (PLCR) was significantly raised in STEMI cases only (P = 0.09), so it may prove to be a better marker for the disease (P = 0.09). Platelet counts in various groups when compared with controls gave inconsistent results i.e SCAD vs Control significantly decreased (P = 0.07) and STEMI vs Control significantly increased (P = 0.01).

Conclusion: The platelet volume indices in suspected acute coronary syndrome cases showed various changes, but present data failed to be diagnostically significant. However this data may later help to characterise further relationship between Acute coronary syndrome and platelet function in subsequent studies.

Acute coronary syndrome, platelet indices, coronary artery disease

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Paramjit, E., Sudhamani, S., Sharan, A., Pitale, S., & Roplekar, P. (2020). Platelet Volume Indices in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome. International Blood Research & Reviews, 11(2), 1-5.
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