Anemia: Considerations for the Dental Practitioner

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Georges Aoun
Pamela Aoun
Wissam Sharrouf
Abbass El-Outa


Anemia is a condition of decreased red blood cell number or hemoglobin concentration, or of disturbance in their function, ultimately leading to decreased oxygen transport to tissues. Many factors and diseases may lead to anemia, with wide manifestations systemically as well as orally. Therefore, a sound understanding of this condition is essential for the dental practitioner, with emphasis on alerting signs, dental management and proper communication with patient’s physician.

Anemia, dental, management, oral manifestations

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Aoun, G., Aoun, P., Sharrouf, W., & El-Outa, A. (2021). Anemia: Considerations for the Dental Practitioner. International Blood Research & Reviews, 12(2), 1-6.
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